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REXDON, Power-Only Trucking

Need power to move a trailer? Is it empty or loaded? How about moving other trailer-mounted equipment? Where does it need to go? Whether it’s across the state or across the country, if you need power to get it there, you can count on RexDon. We’re one of the country’s largest power-only transportation companies.


RexDon’s nationwide power-only transport services include:

  • Single trailer towaway
We’ll transport your empty trailers to wherever you need them. Many of our customers are semi-trailer manufacturers or dealers. Our drivers pay close attention to deliver those new trailers in undamaged condition.
  • Double trailer transport (pups)
Yes, we’re one of the few trailer transportation companies that can haul pups. We can hook up our dolly-converter gear or yours. Either way, one haul versus two saves you time and money.
  • One-way equipment relocation
Have stacks of flatbeds to move? A load of chassis? Other trailer-mounted equipment? That’s no problem for RexDon.
  • Power-Only Freight Delivery
Have freight that needs to go from point A to point B? We don’t load trailers, but we sure can provide the power to haul those loads.
  • Other specialty moves
Have something else you need power to transport? Contact us and we’ll be glad to let you know how we can help.

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Trailer Delivery Service That’s On Time and On Budget

You can’t stay in business for over 60 years without doing something right. Our experience as a power-only trailer transport company speaks for itself. The RexDon name has become synonymous with honesty, integrity, fairness and timeliness in the power-only transportation industry, because we’ve built our reputation on keeping our promises and our customers keep coming back. It’s as simple as that. Our customers hire us to get the job done right. And we do. When you need to have a semi-trailer or equipment transported, time can mean money. Our skilled drivers understand the importance of getting to their destination safely and on schedule.
We can deliver your trailers, loads, flatbeds, chassis or even pups for a fair, cost-effective price.


Call us today for a competitive rate quote for your power-only, one-way trailer transport or equipment relocation!



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