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Power Only DriverHere’s an excerpt from a letter we received from one of our owner-operators:“REXDON allows each of us the opportunity to have freedom to run your own business, as you can stay out on the road as long as you want, you can be home every weekend, whichever agenda fits your schedule. There are additional benefits to working with REXDON, which include choosing the route you would like to travel, fuel stops of your choice. [One of] the superior attributes is the dispatch and office personnel. There is no forcing dispatch, as well as it is always pleasant to call and converse with the personnel.“As problems may arise, it is nice to have the liberty to call and respectfully have your questions and concerns resolved. In conclusion, REXDON offers 100% fuel surcharge, competitive rates for loads, as well [as] great working conditions. It is always a pleasure, as I am proud to say I am a part of the team at REXDON.” — Walter C. Walden, a RexDon truck driver, truck #47Walter, hired as a RexDon Truck Driver



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As an Owner/Operator for REXDON,
you can use the free Fuelbook app on your
smartphone to check the current diesel prices
along your route.  When you use REXDON’s
custom fuel code in the app, the prices you see will
include the discounts you receive when using our
fleet TCH/EFS fuel card.  Email jerry@rexdon.com
to receive the fuel code.




WE WANT TO KEEP IN TOUCH!If you’re an owner-operator with a truck leased to RexDon and would like to be on our general email list, please send an email to jerry@rexdon.com requesting to be added. We would simply like to be able to communicate with you via email from time to time. It’s a quick and easy way to get important reminders out to you, and seek your input on various topics related to our business.We promise not to fill your inbox with spam!





“Just wanted to let you know that you have an exceptional contractor in Clayton. Clayton called me shortly after leaving Houston with my new Travis trailer. He noticed that the tarp was flopping around in the open/tied back position from the tarp installer.
“He was concerned (correctly, I might add) that the tarp might fray before getting to Altoona. Clayton wanted to ask permission to close the tarp for the rest of the trip, and in doing so, prevented damage.
“Please thank Clayton again from Jim Hawk Trailers. We appreciate his conscientious efforts.” —Doug, Jim Hawk Truck Trailers, Inc.